Thursday, 5 May 2011

Moroccan Princes Hijab Style Video

Here is Moroccan Princes Hijab Style for which Necklace is also used.

Cap Shaped Olive Green Hijab Style

Its an interesting Cap Shaped Olive Green Hijab Style.

Miss Kuwait In Black Hijab Style

Here you can see Miss Kuwait In Black Hijab Style.

Lovely White Hijab Style For Brides

Here i am sharing a very Lovely White Hijab Style For Brides

Morocco Hijab Styles

Here are some amazing Morocco Hijab Styles.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Beautiful New Turkish Hijab and Jilbab Styles from Kayra

Love these beautiful and modest hijab and jilbab styles by Kayra. The jilbabs are a little snug on the models, but im sure going one or two sizes up would give a perfect fit. Find their fashions here:

New 2011 Hijab Styles

Following are new New 2011 Hijab Styles.

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